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Why E-Sports isn’t catching on

If 2010 and 2011 are to be remembered in a future full of professional gamers and wide-audience viewership of “e-sports,” they will certainly be recalled as years in which the phenomenon of watching other people play videogames skyrocketed from an obscure nerdy niche to a regular nerdy niche.

Sure, South Korea has lived and breathed this way of life for over a decade with Starcraft, but with the release of Starcraft 2, spectator fever has taken over PC gaming in a big way. Tournaments are regularly bankrolling the most well known players, and streaming commentary is so popular that now professional commentators are becoming commonplace.

And it’s spreading outside of Starcraft’s universe: with over 35,000 players tuning in to and similar sites to watch Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat tournaments take place, it appears fighting games are gaining crowd momentum, too. With all this excitement, money, and public interest pouring in, it seems like society is on the precipice of mainstream acceptance of e-sports as an acceptable voyeuristic past-time, much like regular sports.

But there’s one tiny problem.

Wait, why should I explain it to you? You’re not even a fucking blogger.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Exactly. It doesn’t. But if you’ve spent any time trying to learn a competitive game, you’ve probably encountered comments like this all the time.

“Man, Ryu is really hard to beat.”

“What the fuck are you, 4800 BP rank C garbage? Step up your game before you complain”


“Geez, wouldn’t it be cool if Queens were massive units to counter Forcefields?”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you shut the fuck up, Bronze League moron?”

No, I’m not rank C or in Bronze league, nor do I spend a lot of time complaining about balance or posting balance suggestions in forums. But spend a few days on GameFAQs, TeamLiquid, Steam Powered User Forums, or anywhere with a budding competitive gaming community, and you’ll quickly learn that players who aren’t in the top 2% of the skill curve aren’t welcome at the discussion table.

Look, I get it. I know that someone who doesn’t make SCVs past the 5 minute mark is terrible. I understand that a player who doesn’t even know MK9 has a block button probably isn’t too well educated about meter management. I understand why these players’ opinions aren’t strategically sound. But for fuck’s sake, maybe we could all be a little nicer about it?

When low-tier players jump into forums or onto streams and talk about the game, sure they’re misinformed. But if proponents of e-sports and competitive gaming want their hobby to become slightly more publicly acceptable than pissing in grandma’s garden in broad daylight, they’re going to have to play nice with the newbies. Think about the rest of the world for a minute. Ever go to a sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday, or sit around talking football with your cousins at a barbeque? Ten dollars says conversations like this don’t pop up very fucking often:

“Did you see that pass? Manning is amazing! I can’t believe that play isn’t more popular at the 40.”

“Dude, shut the fuck up. Have you ever played football competitively? Even in the minor leagues? I bet you didn’t even play on the high school team.”

“What does that have to do with anyth-”

“Yeah I didn’t think so, you fuckin scrub.”

There are a few reasons nobody talks like this. First of all, unlike e-sports, it’s not very easy to become a professional or even serious hobbyist football player without ridiculous luck. But more importantly, these conversations don’t happen because they are bat shit insane and would make you look like an asshole.

Yet drop by Team Liquid and post your thoughts on a recent Starcraft 2 match, and do a shot every time someone asks you how big your dick is…err I mean what league you’re in. Or do a shot whenever your opinion is treated with contempt before it’s treated with an earnest willingness to educate. I guarantee you’ll be dead of alcohol poisoning before a 7 Roach Rush could be knocking at your door.

Simply put, e-sports will never become mainstream unless the competitive gaming community can get over itself and open a dialog with lower level players, hobbyists, and unskilled spectators. The average baseball fan can’t throw a curveball. The average NASCAR fan would shit himself if he drove over 140 mph. Hell, half the world’s soccer fans can’t afford three meals a day, nevermind spare the energy to insult one another over what constitutes perfect goalkeeping. Yet despite the fanbases of these sports being almost universally non-competitive (or even non participating) audience members, sports are incredibly popular, if you haven’t realized. Maybe part of that is that they’ve been around longer, but I’d bet part of it is that the average viewer is allowed to share his or her opinion without getting publicly humiliated by everyone in hearing distance.

So before you flame, rage, or insult the next poster who asks why kill streaks aren’t in Battlefield, take a deep breath and think about the impact on the future of competitive gaming; because damnit I want to play Guild Wars 2 in a stadium as thousands of people cheer on my PvP team.

Heroic Chimearon and Atramedes on Vacation!

My fraps has been wonky lately BUT a fellow raider has recorded our kills for your viewing pleasure!

Look at my awesome tanking at the end! haha

I’m now on extended vacation, so expect much more posting as i have a lot of free time and boredom to deal with.


Yes yes I know I’m late to the party

I friend of mine convinced me to get Borderlands despite my innate hatred to most FPS games (the last one I played with any seriousness was Halo Custom Edition)

I started out with a hunter, mostly because in mass effect i play on infiltrator (by my friends suggestion)
That didn’t go so well so I made a Siren, and was constantly running out of ammo ughhhhhhhh
Then I made a Soldier, which lasted all of five minutes
Oh then the amazing happened
I made a Berserker
A “Bombardier” to be exact; which is now level 50

In all seriousness, I’m now trying to convince more people to play
this shit is fun

Heroic Magmaw

Finally got fraps sort of working
Still trying to get some kinks out, but here’s a heroic magmaw video

Nefarian Down

and with that I am now a defender of a Shattered World!

Now on to hard modes!

Black Prophecy

So I was lucky enough to get a Beta key for Black Prophecy

Let me tell you
It’s one fun game at least

Flying around in space, shooting tings with lasers (I kept yelling PEW PEW LASERS GO on vent to the anguish of my friends)

It’s pretty
It’s new
I’ve never played a flight game before, let alone one in space
Oh and either everyone I fight in PvP really sucks, or I am amazing (i’ll keep thinking the latter for my own ego to swell)

I went Tyi, mostly because it’s a PvP game and Tyi is going to be the horde. I just want to be on the side with numbers for ONCE
Oh, and they look cooler
But I don’t base my decisions solely on looks…..never…….

If nothing else this will be a nice way to pass the time with buddies when not raiding on WoW or working on my HoM in Guild Wars.
Definitely a different experience at least

When your raid is frozen

So I run with a few friends from multiple guilds (OMG NO GUILD CREDIT THEN WHY RAID? yeah whatever)


Due to IRL issues and burnout and other w/e’s we’ve been unable to progress past Nefarian simply due to lack of raiding time.

This somewhat infuriates me, as understanding as I may be.

It’s one thing if you kid get punched at school
It’s another because you didn’t feel like waking up when you said you would

Then to top it off the people who do show up are getting fed up and asking if they can bring alts and whatnot if we’re not going to be progressing, and while I don’t blame them, some people still need stuff on their mains from bosses other than Nefarian TYVM.

and here I am ranting…..

so here’s a calming (somewhat) screenshot that is probably REALLY old


So after a stint with horrible horrible hackers
I finally got my email back! which means I could reset the password of my wordpress account!

So just to catch up a bit,
IN WoW: Eviscerate is currently 11/12 only nef left to go!
Esparada (priest) is officially sitting on the side nothing left from heroics and I refuse to PuG raids
Dishonorable (DK) is not quite up to par to tank heroics
Woofs (druid) is just now in outland! YAY

Guild Wars: I’m current at 15 points in my Hall of Monuments and will get the last 3 I want from beating nightfall (yes i still haven’t done it)
I’ll probably end up getting more points than that through more armor sets and such but 18 is all I really want

As for other games, I beat Dragon Age 2 the day after it came out and have gone through twice more since then.
Overall it was a good game, not the same as the first
That’s not a bad thing though.

Oh yeah and upcoming stuff:
Mainly just hyped on Guild Wars 2 and Deus Ex in August
Thief was (FINALLY) released and weee my main for Guild Wars 2 is probably gonna be one
Now if you don’t mind me i’m gonna sneak my way back into the blog heirarchy

Oh and if you got spam comments and such while I was away
I’m very sorry :(

Second 85

So Esparada, my priest; hit 85 last night.
This morning I got in my first heroic
totally did not botch the ilvl with PvP gear……not at all

As frustrating as it can be at times
People will always blame the healer first for their own shortcomings
I still enjoy it
and the guild needs healers desperately

on another note…

Vacation OVER

I am finally back from vacation!

As such


and oh my how much i have missed

I haven’t said anything since cataclysm came out
nothing on my new addiction
not much in guild wars 2 news (sadface)

and oh my more world of warcraft


Cata is in one word, beautiful. I love the new zones, ESCPECIALLY Vashjir, although I think i’ll be hanging out in uldum and tol barad mostly at 85.
Eviscerate is now worgen and will be the only toon I have ever race-changed (until another expac maybe)
Evee is also raid ready, unfortunately the people I run with are not.
Esparada (priest) is slowly creeping up to 85
Dishonorable (DK) is even more slowly crawling to 85
Woofs (worgen druid ofc) is vastly fun to play but he won’t be seeing much play until Evee and Esparada are steadily raiding
I don’t like the way tol barad currently works, then again who does?
Waiting for dungeon queues without a tank still sucks, ALTHOUGH; It’s not the hour+ i had to deal with when i first 85.
Pugging as a healer is downright painful, thankfully, this is not 100% true.

In way of my previous aforementioned addiction.
I got it for christmas on PS3, not an expected gift.
Definitely the most used, I spent most of my spare time on vacation playing
I play between dungeons
I play when i have any kind of spare time
How good am I?
I can ace everything……on medium.
coming from Dragonforce on expert to this game is DAUNTING
I can’t quite get the overall OMG SO MANY THINGS on hard mode, especially with crossfades spikes and scratching having predetermined directions and stalls
Oh and most of the music is awesome
that might be part of the reason i like it…
totally has NOTHING to do with yelling
everytime i scratch the fake record
not at all…..

The Shattering and Me

So I resubbed for WoW first thing that happens when I log on.

Traveling from Ironforge to Stormwind I get turned into a @$@#$ Turkey, I hate you Turkey Lurkey achievement. Oh how I hate you so much, and Blizzard not letting me right click off buffs if I use a buff mod….salt in my stuffing…I mean wound >.<

Well anyways, the graphics improvements are rather nice. I can't seem to stay away from Darnassuss too long cuz it's gorgeous to me. The starting experience for humans is better, and so far playing a human hunter has been amusing.

I LOVE the new combat, my dps hasn't really gone down; in fact if I time stuff right with bandit's guile it's gone up!. So kudos to blizzard for fixing the issues that used to exist in a timely manner. The sound for Main Gauche is nice, but I have a feeling as it's proc chance goes up it will become annoying eventually.

Oh and the LUA and XML improvement for modding are WONDERFUL sooo alas. new ui

Now, the kicker for me is the moving textures and the ease to hide things. And so this happens.

So enjoy these screenshots starring Esparada, he probably won’t be seen much after Cata launch (poor level 77 priest) You will however probably see different colors of this UI as I play with it on other toons (particularly Evee)

You can find the base components to the UI i am currently using here at WoW Interface granted I’ve added a few thigns and modified a crap ton of stuff but the base is REALLY easy to work with.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

So I got Brotherhood on release day for the PS3

Just beat the main storyline now and just have to say

It can get a little difficult at times compared to the other games, but not in a bad way.
The story is still VERY compelling (don’t worry i won’t spoil anything)
Except for maybe that the ending is not in my favor, just sayin

Multiplayer is incredibly fun especially when you really get into the sneaky zone and get a kill worth 1000 points in one go by being incognito and jumping on someone from the roof while they are chasing someone else and getting first blood. Yes that’s alot of bonuses and i love it.

Now as for the secondary memory stuff (aka side-quests)
I’m having trouble even reaching most of them right now, and the ones i do get to are ridiculously frustrating. Not hard, just one stupid mistake like the camera pointing the wrong direction during a jump can cause you to have to start over.


Still, the game is very enjoyable and I suggest it to everyone just for the multiplayer and story alone.

Azureus Rising Concept

Back in may this short video came out

I have NO idea how something this epic fell under my radar

Apparently this is the concept for a full film and AAA video game


Fable 3

So here’s my random thoughts on Fable 3

1. The game is very well presented
2.It is also sort of short, my first time through I beat it in roughly 10 hours (without any form of strategy guide mind you)

The amount of money you need to save albion is ATROCIOUS, I wish I had known beforehand I would need so much because I didn’t have it come time to be king.

4.Playing online is loads of fun, and I don’t even have a headset
5.Spellweaving Blades and Shock is OP, Same goes for Ice Storm and Shock and, actually you know what…Spellweaving is OP
6.Rifles are OP
7.Melee combat is frustrating but can be fun sometimes.
8. While playing online joining random peoples games I noticed no one was past the halfway point yet, as such my King was two shotting bosses. Some praised me, other kicked me @.@
9. Having just made and xbox account to download DLC for this game I has no Xbox friends….now i kinda wish I did

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get my evil bi..I mean…Morally Challenged Heroine to be a tyr…Queen. (Red glowing weapons are awesome)

On the note of weapons, all 3 of my characters have VERY different weapons, my first character has a very exotic katana, my evil girl has what is starting to look like a buster sword, and my third guy which is benevolent but I’m tryign to avoid using magic has a very VERY ornate bastard sword.

I want to figure out how to get an exotic look with a bastard sword for my evil character but I ahve no idea how I managed it, and among the 100+ weapons I’ve seen online I have yet to see another exotic. It’s almost frustrating.

I swear I’m alive!

I’ve just been busy trying to get more stuff for my Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars


In WoW news, I am still currently unsubscribed, and honestly; I might not be coming back.

I really don’t like the direction Blizzard seems to be going, and the fact that they’ve broken the existing game (from what I’ve heard and playing on a buddies account while over at his place) isn’t helping.

I love the idea of bringing back CC to dungeons so they’re not mindless AoE-fests, but I fear a return of Heroic Shattered Halls with kara gear.

I want to believe that the new talent systems will allow for more flexibility, but there still alot of specs that are out of balance or just plain WACKY (I’M LOOKING AT YOU COMBAT)

I would love to see Azeroth actually evolve, but right now it seems like it’s all fluff and OMG pretties with no actual sustenance.

I was hoping for there to finally be raid tier sets that looked awesome for all classes, and while it’s not ToC again. I’m disappointed to see Tier 2 has yet to be outdone.

I just don’t see incentive to buy cataclysm at this point.

Perhaps it’s the fact that my main class hasn’t really seen a pivotal change since BC (arguably earlier and i’m not saying it hasn’t seen changes at all, just nothing near “big”), and my only other 80 is a death knight. which I honestly know nothing about their changes in cata;but in my defense, I don’t really like playing it. I only made it so the guild could have an extra tank.

Perhaps its seeing everything Guild Wars 2 will and might be, and my expectations have seen a recent rising.

Maybe; just maybe deep down I just feel like Blizzard has lost touch from it playerbase (something I used to praise them for).

I dunno

What I do know is that I want more games to play, I can only play Guild Wars so much before I start craving something different.

Yet, I don’t really know of anything else decent to play out there that I haven’t either beaten (single player of course), played and not enjoyed (Warhammer, CoH, Champions,League of Legends various other F2P MMO’s) or is a game-type that I’ve never really enjoyed (FPS, RTS, Sports)

This is the leading factor to my lack of posting, I’m really not playing much. You guys don’t want me to rant on about stuff with my life now do you? :P

Next Post: How to feel up boobies by being a gay guy.

Ok not really….but really…..just imagine that (insert awesome funny face here that cannot be expressed through emoticon)

Quick Birthday Post

So yeah it’s my birthday and I haven’t posted in a while.

ArenaNet announced the Hall of Monuments rewards from Guild Wars 2. Out of the 30 points I want before launch, I have 8.


Must farm lots of gold for elite armor and weapons @.@

In WoW news patch 4.0 hit, unfortunately I currently do not have an active account. Why do you ask? I’m not paying 15 bucks a month to run circles in dalaran.


Have a screenshot

Deviating A Bit From the norm

Ok so I usually post about games and such but this is too important to not post even on a blog devoted to video games, and if things were normal I would be posting about the recent Guild Wars 2 announcements on Dye and Loot. Unfortunately, things have been far from normal.

This past WednesdayRaymond Chase a sophomore at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island committed suicide. Why you ask? He couldn’t take the bullying from being gay anymore.

Everyday this week I have seen another fucking headline of similar situations, I honestly do not have the words to truly describe how I feel about all of this. I’m sad for the loss of lives and almost angry at them for resorting to such a drastic measure, yet knowing what they’ve gone through having experienced it to some form myself growing up in rural south georgia. Having contemplated the same actions they have taken. I know I can’t blame them, no. I am not angry at them, more so I am angry at what was done to them, and more importantly what was not done for them.

Most stories like this have something in common, someone with the power to stop it did nothing. I am almost beyond the point of being mournful for the victims (almost not quite there yet) due to the seething hatred I hold for the people; no they’re not even people, humans that caused this to happen. The month has had more gay teen suicides than any other this year. It is fucking ridiculous.

*Deep breathe* Okay evee calm down…..*exhale*

There is nothing we can do for those already lost, unfortunately. We however can work for those still with us. The gaming community in general is not very welcoming of gay men just look at all the xbox live fiascos, uproar about the gay romance option in dragon age, and the countless stories of anti-gay harassment in almost every online gaming community. While this is nowhere near the horrid stories of gay bashing in locker rooms, back alley shootings, sidewalk stabbings, and absolute beatdowns it still needs to stop. The attitude is the same, and what starts of as a few taunts and jeers can escalate into much worse.

I have no idea how to accomplish this, in my current position I honestly can’t think of anything I can do to make any kind of huge lasting influence besides making a blog post. But I have heard about the It Gets Better Project which was started by Dan Savage in response to all the suicides lately. I’m actually going off the buy a camera soonish. It might not be much for now but I will type out my story until I can get a camera to record it, on the off chance even one gay gamer happens to see this and it changes their outlook.

I was born in Miami, Florida my family for the most part are very devoted catholics. When I was 9 my mom moved up to south georgia because of a job offer, it was a culture shock at first but eventually I got used to the small town mindset and small school. I first started having feeling for other guys when I was in the 8th grade, and 12 years old. At first I denied it, I tried to chase after girls, in my desperation to be normal I turned to the internet. I looked and looked trying to see if there was any way to be normal, I of course found the programs claiming to make gay men straight but being a bookworm I researched further and found out their drastic methods usually don’t work. I fell into a depression, my mother noticed this and was convinced it was that I was spending to much time on the computer, despite how most aspects of my life, my grades and sports never really suffered. To this day I really don’t know how she figured out how I truly felt. She confronted me about it and went off in a rage about how she didn’t understand me blah blah blah teenage angst blah blah blah.

She ended up taking the computer away, being convinced that was the problem.  My depression only got deeper at this point, now I didn’t have a means of even trying to change. My first suicide attempt was by trying to slit my own throat. I would have succeeded if my best friend had not ran the two miles to my house when he got home from school. He had noticed how gloomy I was at school and just wanted to talk to me, he found me in the living room bleeding. I passed out and only remember waking up in the hospital. He told them he had walked in and found a guy over me holding a knife that ran out when he walked in. The attempted murder case is probably still open, I honestly have no idea. I ended up talking to my best friend about it and in short he told me god made everyone and if he made me gay that was a blessing. I’d also like to add he was the pastor’s son.

With time I accepted myself for who I was and finally came out to my mother the summer before high school. I was horrified at the time and looking back I think it was stupid for me to have been. She had known the entire time. She took the computer because she found out about me looking at the gay reform stuff and didn’t want me to try doing it. To repeat her words “I will always love you. You could be a bum in the street, a millionaire in NYC. Hell even a mass murderer, I will always love you, don’t you ever forget that. You always have to be true to yourself no matter what anyone tells you.” Having had such a good response from my mother I came out my freshman year of high school, this is the only thing I regret in my life. I was constantly bullied, I ended up being to scared to get on the bus so my mom ended up changing her work schedule just to take me to school and pick me up. It was an endless cycle the bullying would happen get worse and worse until I went to the principal about it. Someone would get in trouble it would stop for a bit then build up until I went to the principal again. I still played football, even with all the jaunts and jeers in the lockeroom, I knew they were just words and the people saying them were complete idiots so I ignored it and became the best center and best heavyweight wrestler the school had seen in years. Whenever someone on the teams would complain to the coach who would then tell me I would simply say “Can you imagine how the news will react to a player like me being kicked off for being gay?” I never did anything with any guy, i didn’t shower with the team and I had the captain stall in the locker room  so no one saw me change and I didn’t see them unless I was walking out.

I bore through it all until finally one day the endless routine came to a crashing halt. After practice I talked with the coach about new plays (the football coach was actually very supportive of me being gay at this point, anyone who complained usually ended up off the team, wrestling was another story though. I went to go change a bit late and there were only 5 guys or so left. They jumped me in the locker room, I won’t go into detail but needless to say they beat me within inches of my life, and took advantage of my state. My best friend and the coach found me when they walked in after having spoken themselves, I didn’t have any broken bones amazingly but I was heavily bruised and has scratches and cuts pretty much everywhere. The coach tried to go to the school board about it but was threatened to lose his job if it ever got out. I personally went to the police and they just laughed, one of the guys that beat me was the sheriff’s son. The five guys ended up graduating and I was left to my own devices my junior year of high school until I got a crumpled out note very similar to the one below.

So my first relationship began, most people had no idea that we were dating or let alone that the quarterback was gay. The taunts and jeers continued but I was so desensitized to it by this point it didn’t matter, and I had the joy of taking all of my classes with my boyfriend and most of them were the advanced classes where everyone in there accepted me, and the teacher was awesome and basically a second mom. Yay random trips to mcdonalds during class! My junior year was amazing until the last football game, it was pretty much custom for my boyfriend and I to go get something to eat after the game, some guy from the schools FCA (that fellowship of christian athletes btw) followed us and as we walked out after eating they dragged us behind the restaurant. We fought back, and ended up putting 3 of them in the hospital along with ourselves. The entire thing was shrugged off as rowdy teenage boys and the cops never really did anything about it. My boyfriend family ended up switching schools over Christmas break and I never heard from him again, I was heartbroken and fell into another depression I began to seek ways to get out of school, I refused to drop out so I found a way to go to college early as a high school senior.

That was 3 years ago, I now have an amazing life of going to school to hopefully become a trauma surgeon someday. I am openly gay at school and I usually surprise people when I tell them so because I don’t fit any stereotypes. The majority is now accepting instead of ridiculing, I still live with my loving mother. I am still single but i look forward to the point where I find the man of my dreams. I enjoy playing video games as a simple past time rather than as an escape from daily torment. I go to plenty of parties with countless friends. I haven’t told the rest of my family that I’m gay and I honestly don’t know when I will. I’m still young (turning 19 in two weeks!) but I have alot to look forward too in my life. so take it from me when I say. It really does get better.

Expect a video soonish as whenever I put up my submission for the project I will also post it here if only for that small amount of exposure it might bring.

All I ask is if you read this, please consider your actions. Even if being gay goes against your beliefs think for a second how far your actions go. Life is far to precious to be thrown away. Encourage others to consider their actions as well. It’s going to take more than just a few people playing nice to change the outlook of an entire culture.

Voice Acting in Games

So lately there has been this upward trend in voice-acting for video games

I LOVE this, no longer are untalented hlafwits merely throwing words about
Actual Actors and Actresses (GIRLS EXSIST TOO EVEE) are voicing games

Guild Wars 2 is said to have roughly 60 feature length films worth of voice acting, and after snooping around a bit I found out that yes; it is only in one language so each language will be looking at similar numbers. throwing out the most popular MMO client languages and you have English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese for a total of 540 feature films, thats roughly a fourth of all the movies made in the united states in a year including student and ivory films! @.@ THAT’S ALOT OF FUCKING TALKING

Why the sudden post about voice acting?

I totally just saw this

I’m probably one of the few people looking forward to this game on PC and with a cast like say…
-John Cleese as your trusty butler and confidant, Jasper. A fitting role to say the least
-Sir Ben Kingsley as the leader of the mountain dwellers, Sabine.
-Simon Pegg as attention-seeking soldier Benn Finn who is looking for action and most likely going to provide a good bit of comedic relief
-Michael Fassbender as the evil King Logan whom the hero/heroine will take over
-Zoë Wannamaker returns as Theresa. She did an AMAZING job in Fable II, I’m glad to see her back
-Stephen Fry returns as Reaver, the narcissistic marksman blessed with eternal youth and apparently a good actor
-Bernard Hill as Sir Walter Beck, your faithful mentor. AHHHHHHH YES This is the perfect role for the perfect actor. I Look forward to hearing this
-Nicholas Hoult as the potential male love interest, Elliot, to your female hero. Unfortunately I can’t bonk him as a guy, that would be funny.
-Naomie Harris as Page, the leader of the rebels who reside in Bowerstone. @.@ :O !!!! \(^.^)/

I’m expecting GREAT voice-acting. Here’s to hoping the massive quantity in Guild Wars 2 sees quality as well…oh wait…

yeahhhhhhh….. /smile /nod

It might not boast a huge star studded cast like Fable III (cept for maybe Felicia Day) but Guild Wars 2 has some of the best voice actors in the business
Everytime I hear Steve Blum I squee a little on the inside I absolutely love his work and rightfully so with his amazing track record which is quite huge, and we all know that size does matter.
Sexual innuendos aside, I’m really really looking forward to the voice acting of Guild Wars 2. Simply because if anyone can get innovative voice acting done right in an MMO, it’s Arenanet. EAT THAT BIOWARE

New GW2 Video

Well not new as in the video just came out, new as in I found it and it’s kinda uniqueish

I personally like this video just because it’s only gameplay, no commentary or loud crowds. Really lets the game jsut speak for itself

WARNING: Video is long, also the brief talking in the beggining is in what i’m guessing to be german. it has subtitles though!

!-Hour Demo of Guild Wars 2 Human and Charr

Watch it in HD to see it in all it’s wonderful graphical glory!

Stance on Cataclysm (so far)

Ok so first off. There are few things in this world that will keep me from playing cata. Those are in list of importance (somewhat)

1. Everyone I know quits WoW
2. Blizzard in an attempt to make things less “faceroll”, makes instance impossible to be done with the LFD tool becuase they underestimated human stupidity
3. Blizzard in an attempt to make healing less “faceroll” causes the majority of healers to go on strike because healing is NOT ENJOYABLE (IE nothing to do with difficulty)
4. Blizzard in an attempt to make rogue less “faceroll” lowers rogue passive damage but atrocious numbers without increasing active damage to compensate because of the MASSIVE PvP IMPLICATIONS
5. Guild Wars 2 get a release within 2 months on Cataclysm, mainly because I will be focusing my attention on Tyria to much to even dwadle about Azeroth

those are the ones that alone will get me to not play cata, the rest of the list is my other concerns that won’t necessarily make me quit the game by themselves but if the begin to pile up….welllllll

6.The emphasis on CC being SO HIGH all five mans will have to be a tank healer, mage, warlock and rogue (shattered halls back in bc @.@)
7. Combat not being Raid viable (i actually like the playstyle for mut now with rupture back in)
8. Having to wait more than say……3-5 months to racechange my rogue to worgen. CUZ I AM NOT LEVELING ANOTHER ROGUE DAMNIT
9. Racials not being revamped to match worgen and goblin. FOR EVERYONE
10. Death Knights being useless (considering this is my only exsisting max-level alt)
11. Several (not all) of my WoW friends quiting (chances increasing per each one that wuits until the last one quits then I do as well)
12. A sparkle pony fiasco with Gear or ingame items that affect gameplay
12. Premium services becoming gameplay changing (eg, premium subscribers can now use mobile armory to move characters between towns)
13. A gold sink that is necessary to progress through the game

That is the somewhat incomplete list of reasons that I will quit WoW.

Now as far as my actual stance on where the game is and is headed (by what has been said and released)

I don’t like the direction healing is headed, and my main isn’t even a healer. I can understand Blizzard making healing less “faceroll” in fact I agree with it. They are just going about it the wrong way, making healing frustrating and putting thought back into healing are NOT the same thing. There are WAY to many people complaining about healing for it to be anything but a bad sign. I tend to not go with the general public on most of the issues involving game balance, but when the game is being balanced in a way that makes a critical role frustrating and more importantly unenjoyable you bet your ass I’m following the conformist train.

I know numbers are a fine dance of tuning and such, but taking my rogue from Live to the PTR should not be cutting his DPS by such a large margin to be anywhere near 20% let alone 50 and above.
On live my sinister strike crits for roughly 11k on a good day, on the PTR the highest I have seen is 3.5k ArP alone is not account for this much of a loss. Oh and eviscerate? 20k? try more 4k.
The fact that the damage is so fucked up isn’t really what bothers me, it’s the fact that there is no apparent attempt to even TRY to fix it
The ambidextrous buff from 50% to 75% is nice, but that only affects combat and it’s something many have been expecting before the wacky numbers popped out. I’m not even goign to mention the thrown weapon buff and FoK buff, mainly because I could care less about AoE damage right now as many other do because of the “new direction” in cata (which to reiterate I have no problem with less emphasis on AoE, in fact i LIKE the idea ALOT, spamming one button for all trash is fucking boring)
Blizzard has countless people to work PR on forums and such, if they are working on a fix on anything in game, it should be made public.
Add all this to the fact that everything at 85 is the same or worse (except for recuperate!) I am not amused, and honestly…don’t we all play video games ultimately for amusement?

!!Internet Fame +1!!

I got listed on Relics of Orr as a fansite


Relics of Orr is a wonderful show about Guild Wars 1 and 2

You should totally listen to it


Show is fun and addictive

Guild Wars Mobile Armory Chat and WoW Extended Experience

Wait I mean…
Guild Wars extended experience and WoW Mobile Armouy Chat @.@

Ok so Arenanet “formally” announced their App for Ipod, Ipad, Android, and web-browsers (for now) over at Guild Wars Blog, this however has been talked about for quite some time so it’s not really a surprise to Arenanet stalkers. This will allows players to track and talk to buddies in game while not actually being in game themselves. As well as using the auction house and other wondrous features like looking at buddies on an actual game map. Granted their dots but this is a whole new level of, “I THOUGHT YOU WERE FARMING ECTOS?! WHY ARE YOU IN DIVINITY’S REACH?!” UPDATE: Found a interview video about the app with Eric Flannum Guild Wars App Interview, special thanks to Hunter for helping me find the link (by having it up on one of his posts :P).

A little while later Blizzard announced they’ll be adding Guild Chat to their *Premium* Mobile Armory, premium of course costing 2.99 a month. Blizzard talk linky thingy here Blizzard Blue Tracker . Currently Mobile Armory allows you to see other players gear and access the auction house.

Now, I have no doubt Blizzard has been working on this for a while and so has Arenanet, I am not starting a who copied who argument here.

The timing is just to perfect for me not to smile though.

Arenanet announces their big out of game chat and blizzard follows suit.

To me this shows that
1.Blizzard does in fact pay attention to what’s going on (which is good)
2.More importantly, they are recognizing an upcoming MMO as a threat. Something I personally have not seen till now

I am absolutely giddy right now. Time to run around the yard with my great dane. (Who is NOT named scooby despite everyone else’s input >.< and I like Jecht thank you)

New Look!

So yeah, I decided to change the look of the blog.

tell me what u think! :D

New Direction

The guild I joined such a long time ago has been through alot, mergers split ups and such.

Recently though we have all come together and decided it was time to evolve. We know that WoW is not the only game we want to play together so we took the steps necessary to promote that idea.

Brotherhood of Oblivion is no longer just a WoW guild, it is now a full fledged gaming clan. WoW just being one of the games we play.

(you can totally check out our new website at :D)

Now, with this new direction I think it’s time my blog follows suit, I will no longer be posting exclusively about WoW, now i’ll be posting about all the games I play and games I’m lookign forward too.

To start things off here’s a quick video of the upcoming MMO from ArenaNet Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Video Game, PAX 10: Humans Tutorial Walkthrough (Cam) HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

Back yet?

Now the game is pretty, but what really interests me is the gameplay (and i really mean that..honest the bouncing boob graphics have NOTHING to do with it)


Sorry that image just mildly amuses me (mostly the fact that soemone actually photoshopped the video to make that gif), and i want bouncing boobies to be listed as a tag for my blog for the lulz

ANYWAYS, as the video above stated the combat is much more dynamic (NO AUTOATTACK) which was always one of my qualms with WoW. It doesn’t feel very…alive? (yeah i’ll go with that) To add to the dynamic feelign of combat there’s synergy between classes and their abilites e.g. An elementalist can put down a firewall, warrior buddy then uses cyclone axe near wall. Effect? Balls of fire going everywhere, same firewall has arrows go through it from ranger buddy? Arrows are now on fire. Necromancer send his minions through firewall before blowing them up in peoples faces? Yup you guessed it minions are set on fire and do more damage when they blow up. (you’ll see more examples of this in the video below) This element of synergy adds a new layer of strategy not previously existing in any MMO (that I know of).

i’ll just throw in another video and let the developers show off guild wars 2 the only way they know how. with style!

I’ll no doubt be speaking more about this upcoming wonder in the future mostly because I believe this game will be the one to pull me from WoW, and there’s alot of stuff I didn’t touch on that is pretty public


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