Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

Little bit of a rant

Ok not really I don’t want my first post to be an angry one

Actually I don’t know what my first post should be





I’ve played World of Warcraft for quite some time now, and my antics in WoW will be the most discussed thing on this blog, along with other antics for a little variety. I started back in high school quite when I first started college but now I’m back… WITH A VENGEANCE!!!!! In the short time I’ve been back I have (OH LAWDY IT’S A LIST!!!!)

1.Reconnected with old high school friends (YAY)

2. Made new friends in the form of joining a guild (YAY Brotherhood of Oblivion)

3.Seen how combat has changed for rogues (yay and boo, a bit of meh too)

4.Killed a new onyxia , and after 4 years i still ahven’t gotten her damn head

5.Experienced the new arena, and I don’t like it (more on pvp later)

6. Seen some of the new raid content (which is enjoyable with a good group)

7.Re-learned the horrors of pick up groups

8.Also relearned the horrors of trade chat

9.Probably alot more stuff I just don’t feel like listing

I’d like to take this moment to thank Brotherhood of Oblivion for being so welcoming and easing my transition back into the game, and also…check out the guild master’s blog at For The Bubbles she has been blogging longer than me and is probably better at it.

I’ll blog more later….for now…..i’m gonna go pop some popcorn…tasty



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