Spamming Eviscerate since 2004


DPS is a lot like sex, always a bit enjoyable but you don’t get good at it until you’ve been at it for a while, and like good sex dps involves foreplay. You don’t just wanna plunge right into your cycle without lube, someone is bound to get hurt. Ease into it, get comfortable, then pound away like a madman. With enough time together you will get to know just how hard you can start without making your tank angry, just like sex.

Every person has a different way of going about sex, DPS is no different. Learn your class, and spec well, learn the proper rotations, make sweet love to your rotation.

Finally, good sex is a team effort, DPSing is no different, a crappy dps makes for bad fights, but a crappy tank make for a crappy DPS. Tanks and DPS have a very special relationship. One pounds away at shit while another takes a bunch of shit so the other doesn’t. It is keeping this fine dance alive that downs bosses, and we all know good sex is like a fine mambo or waltz….unless your latino like me, then it’s a salsa dance of fiery passion :P, much like my dps


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