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Posion Change in 3.3

While I’m abit behind the ball on this change it’s still significant so I’m gonna mention it.


  • Improved Poisons now increases the chance to apply Deadly poison to your target by 4/8/12/16/20%. (Up from 2/4/6/8/10%)


  • Deadly Poison now has an additional effect –  Once stacked to 5 times, each application of Deadly Poison also causes the poison on the Rogue’s other weapon to apply.

I’m not to excited about the first change, mostly because I have a deep loathing scorn toward mutilate. I understand in the past it has gotten very little attention, BUT that does not mean it should get more love now. I’m a firm believer in balance, all the trees should be viable for both PvE and PvP. (Don’t even get me started with subtlety) Currently the most used PvP spec is a mutilate-prep combo, I REALLY don’t want to see some mutilate build dominating damage output in ICC on top of that Granted, I am a little biased toward combat having played it for so long and loving the playstyle it brings, BUT damage done should not be determined by what spec you are (to a certain extent of course, a weird 31/20/20 build shouldn’t be doing alot of damage) what SHOULD be determined by spec is play style, that’s it.


The second change i absolutely LOVE. Granted it will give more of a DPS boost to mutilate (yet again) but it definitely will not be leaving combat out of the fold. The main purpose of this change is to make a clunky stupid mechanic known as weapon swapping outdated. I welcome the destruction of consistent weapon swapping with open arms and much love.


My only fears with these changes is that blizzard will see rogues as doing to much damage and change deadly poison in some other form (like say putting it on a ppm mechanic). Also, I really don’t want to spec mutilate for PvE AND PvP just to be competitive, that shit just gets boring.


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