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Hopes for 3.3

So with the 3.3 patch looming around the corner I just wanna list some of my many hopes for this patch (and a bit more frustrations about not wanting to go daggers >.<)

-Gotta get the new epic sword ASAP, i mean serisouly how long has it been since blizz made a high end 2.7 speed sword? I'm gonna eat that shit up

-ICECROWN BIZNITCHES!!!!! Sure we can't kill arthas right away but damn….we can go into his damn house now

-LOOT yay loot, everyone is gonna be running around in T9, pugging will be JUST a bit easier, and while on the topic of pugging

-NEW LFG!!! finally cross-server dungeons, it's about damn time. It may not be useful to my rogue now…but come cataclysm…all the way to 85 using LFG baby, and if i ever manage to make another character it'll help there too

-Nerf to pallies, sorry it's just well…wait….why the fuck am I apoligizing? Lay on hands now causes forberance when casted on yourself….FUCK YEEAH

-Nerf WoTF, maybe now undead won't be so damn rampant! I really don't care much for this being a human rogue (yay every man for himself), but seeing even the slightest nerf to what has been known as the most powerful racial for years is kinda heartwarming…maybe blizzard can actually get balance right someday

-Did I mention Icecrown?..yeah i did, moving on

-Frost mage changes, while they don't affect me personally I'm glad to see blizzard trying to make more specs viable for raiding…maybe someday they'll get to subtelty for rogues…….

-Oh yeah icecrown has five mans too, end up grabbing a healer and tank to 3man these someday too

-Invincible!!! sure I will probably never get to actually own him but DAMN…i can dream

-Nerfing occulus, I may never run it, but at least I won't have to hear people whining about it anymore

-Rogue poison changes (see i tried not to list it first) YAY MORE DPS!!! BOOO Mutilate being better than combat by SO MUCH… seriously though, once some live parses from fights in ICC come out and blizz sees mutilate so high above the rest the nerf bat is gonna hit them so hard….I can only pray they make it a mutilate only nerf

-and on a not so gameplay related note…

Maybe once the patch comes out my guildees will actually be online! burnout syndrome seems to be contagious, and having just overcome it I must be immune or something, but DAMN LOG ON for once


3 responses

  1. If this mute buff lasts past the second phase of Ice Crown I will be shocked. Like you my only concern is having the nerf hit ALL the specs again.

    For now, reluctantly I am preparing to switch specs on Tuesday but think I will keep up gathering gear for BOTH specs just in case….Can’t hurt right? And it isn’t like there isn’t a TON of stuff coming out that looks yummy.

    December 7, 2009 at 5:12 pm


    December 7, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    • excuses!!!!!
      how far are you now?

      December 8, 2009 at 12:07 am

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