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Guides to Grouping with a Rogue (random edition!)

so i’m finding myself with alot of time to spare during the holidays AND being online since my wonderful grandmother decided to enter the 21st century and got a wireless network in her house

So here we go!!!!!!!
The following are shot and to the point guides to grouping with a rogue, for each class!!!! I’ll try to keep it simple

Paladins: One word…….Kings. If you’re a tank keep shit off the rogue, granted if the rogue is not Tricking you before going apeshit crazy on pulls….s/he probably deserves to die. If you’re a healer, keep the tank alive, if the rogue takes AoE damage that is unavoidable heal him or risk being tricked before a pull. Trust me, you don’t wanna be on the bad side of a ToT. If your a DPS….don’t roll on fucking one handers!!!! OMFG BADDIE…

Priests: Healers, inherently I have a love for healing priests, not all rogues are like this though. Shielding a rogue BEFORE imminent AoE doom will have him creaming his pants from pure ecstasy. most rogues love avoiding damage 😀 Shadow priests….well, you’re a rare sort and just standing there in shadowform will make me happy, otherwise…..just dps the right target

Warriors: Tanks, VIGILANCE, omfg I love it when warriors put vigilance on me. AND whenever i take the unavoidable AoE damage it’ll be reduced, and your taunt will reset which is always nice. DPS….don’t roll on DPS one-handers…if I see a fury warrior roll on a dagger ever again i will rage across the damn continent.

Death Knights: Tanks….death grip is your friend. Nothing is better during AoE trash pulls then when the dk pulls in that damn caster into my FoK range , DPS please resist the urge to use death grip, it also happens to be a taunt and DPS+Taunt=Bad

Hunters: DO NOT USE Distracting shot, Ive come across to many damn hunters that use it in their damn rotation I AM NOT CHASING A MOB COMING AFTER YOU. on another note….not everything is a hunter weapon, the sooner you realize this the more people will like you in general

Mages: If there is no other spellcaster that can consistently crit for you on focus magic (if you’re specced for it) pop it on the rogue, last time i checked poisons trigger it and any rogue worth his salt will crit instant poison AT LEAST enough to keep the buff on you. Otherwise…make a table, everyone loves free food/water, and portals at the end of the run are always nice

Warlocks: Healthstones….lots of healthstones, give them out like damn candy laced with crack. Other than that DPS the right target and don't pull

Druids: Mark, for the love of god use it. If you're not feral and plan on rolling on physical DPS leather LET THE ROGUE KNOW BEFORE THE RUN STARTS, you'll avoid rage later.

Shamans: windfury totem, it’s not as OMGYESWINDFURY as it used to be but it’s still fucking amazing, if you’re a healer chain heal is your friend.

Well….i’m gonna go eat come christmas cookies


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  1. I’ve been leveling a baby rogue and for the very first time in Mana Tombs the other day the warrior pronounced me ‘sick dps’ and gave me Vig. =D=D. I was so excited! It almost made up for the Hunter who stole the offhand sword I’d been droolling over for the past four levels.

    December 31, 2009 at 9:28 pm

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