Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

2010 is now upon us

so 2009 is gone and i have officially been playing wow and my rogue for 5 years

I hate reminiscing as I am one of those types that disregards the past
Live for now while keeping you’re eye out for what’s to come I always say!!!

With that said…..

There are a few things a wanna do both IRL and in-game this year including but not limited to
-Getting my associate degree (OMG an 18 yr old with a degree RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!!!lol)
-Kill Arthas, I’ve been engrossed in the whole lich king story arc since WCIII:FT came out
-Make myself a motorcycle and jump off dalaran with it
-Work out! (my doctor finally gave me the greenlight with my arm YAY)
-Get another 80 (probably a worgen)
-Make a horde character past level i dunno…..10?
-Play WoW in another country ( i know this sounds weird it’s just a thing i wanna do)
-Oh yeah and a job with actual pay would be nice


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