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Having played World of Warcraft for 5 years now I often get a sense of nostalgia whenever I see a reference to an old part of the game.

Recently though these nostalgic moments have been smacking in the face quite frequently. First off I got a krol cleaver from pickpocketing recently, which sent me into old man retell mode about my good times ganking grand marshalls naked with a krol blade and a broken beer bottle. Yet, so have much has changed since then, I am now alive and breathing….opposed to..well…not alive…(i do not regret switching one bit I would like to add I did it WAY before paid faction changes were even a thought). I lost my touch with the pvp aspect of this game for sure, I never achieved anything higher than master sergeant on my human (and I only did it to get the mount cheaper @.@) Vanilla WoW raiding as a rogue meant something, rogues were THE most populus class in the game, and as such getting into raids was slightly difficult. Fortunately rogues still fight for raids spots now like they did back then which I think pushes the class as a whole to do better at the higher levels of the game. Raiding was only for those who had the vast amounts of time to do so, and being a high school student…I had that time. Then came BC, I DPS’ed my way to Black Temple and LOVED it…then I got an epic dodge parry set and tanked everything from opera to illidan I could. Shortly before sunwell I quit and let my brother play WoW in my absence, he played wrath launch and got to ulduar before quitting and i picked up the reins after him going straight into ToC. I’ve been around a long time apparently, and while I miss some of the older aspects of the game, I like the general direction it going in. In a way it seems WoW is almost maturing as I do. It’s gone from the high school game to the college past time :D. For me anyways…..


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  1. I haven’t played nearly as long as you have, and I still have those moments of nostalgia from time to time.

    I sure don’t miss having to run through STV or Desolace without a mount though.

    January 22, 2010 at 3:17 pm

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