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So not to long ago I made a DK (dishonorable on azgalor) just to see the death knight starting area. A friend of mine started to play WoW and once he got to level 60 I started leveling with him in outland, he later quit right after getting to northrend and my death knight was pretty mich shelved unless I was EXTREMELY bored…over the course of a few months the DK went from 70 to 74, recently though I began tanking instances in LFD, instant queue times being a MAJOR motivator for this process (and a guildee coming along :D) and have managed to level him up to 76 in a few days. At this point I’m planning a route to gear at 80 😛 A second 80 could be nice, especially a tank.
Speaking of tanking though…
DPSing through fail is NOWHERE as bad as tanking through fail. On another note tanking through dps fail is no where as bad as tanking through healer fail. I’ve gotten way to many resto shamans that don’t use earth shield and riptide and to many priests spamming binding heal and prayer of healing….as disc. I can’t wait to be 80 now and only group with healers I KNOW


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  1. The disc priests might well be panicing alts at this point-some of the instances (mainly the new ones) are VERY unforgiving on disc, especially in Fail!Pugs. It involves a lot of flailing and wailing and cursing.

    PoH is a temptation they should veer away from. Bubbles, young priest…bubbles…

    January 27, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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