Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

Tanks and Things

So I finally hit 80 on my DK.. YAY
I have proceeded to tank MANY instances and have acquired some epics (NOT ENOUGH THOUGH)
I’d like to take this time to vent some frustrations….(mario voice) here we go!

DPS….For the love of all that is Warcraft..PLEASE don’t decide you’re tanking and run 5 miles ahead of me when I said in chat I would be away and then blame me for dying

Healers, please do not spam your biggest heal nonstop on EVERYONE BUT ME. I am tanking so you explicitly DON’T have to do just that. With the exception of a few AoE centric mobs/fights, I will usually be the only one taking damage.

Lastly, to all your gearscore nuts out there. YOU DON’T NEED A 5K GEARSCORE FOR A (&(!&@*$&!)*$@ HEROIC. If you were so awesome you’d be able to run it in grays. So get your enlarged epeen out your ass. I am over the defense cap and have 30k health, Naxx requires less than that.

Ranting aside….

I love tanking for the most part, Frost has very reliable AoE threat. It’s taken me a little bit to learn to manage cooldowns (IBF, UA, and AMS to name a few) but overall it’s been a much more rewarding experience death gripping an add off the healer than just sitting on a boss for 3 minutes. My rogue will probably not be going back to 5mans anytime soon mainly because dpsing fivemans is so boring at his gear level. I really wanna gear up my DK though, I wanna tank in raids so badly.


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