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Weekly Video

so no more than once a week I’ll be posting random WoW videos, from machinima to my guilds boss kills (in my perspective of course)

To start us off

BoO’s First one shot kill of SAURFANG!!!!

We ended up downing him with abotu 8 seconds left on the enrage timer…but DAMNIT HE DIED in one try
This makes me very happy that I actually to recorded our first attempt


One response

  1. shadowtycho

    you range need to cross target, instead of engaging the closest beast they need to engage the one on the other side of the frost trap. if you have him tanked facing down teh stairs you can drop the frost traps at the left and right corners of the stairs, this combined with cross dps should get your kill done with 0-1 marks of blood going out.

    also i cant tell if your tanks are switching every mark of blood(looks like they arnt) doing this will reduce the amount the boss is healed over the course of the fight a significant amount(50% or more of his hp)

    April 1, 2010 at 4:19 pm

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