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Eviscerate as a boss

Daraia over at Ravenholdt Manor is one of my favorite blogs to read (even if i don’t comment as much as I should over there)
Recently she posted what she would be like as a raid boss….I’m totally stealing her idea and doing the same for Eviscerate >insert evil laugh here<

Everything here is based on numbers of what raids are like in 25 mans currently (since i have no idea how awesome PC’s will be in cataclysm)

Verrda Roxford (aka eviscerate as he will be called by those who do not personally know him) is an SI:7 operative who was sent to infiltrate Deathwing's lair shortly after the cataclysm.
Unfortunately he was captured while inside (what I assume to be grim batol).

Shortly after defeating the first guardian of Grim Batol, the heroes will hear the screams of Verrda.

Verrda: Deathwing! The alliance will know your plans! There is no escape from true justice!
Deathwing: SILENCE WHELP! You are bound here forever more, my plans will see fruition and you will know your place!
Verrda: ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I can feel the presence of heroes, they will not only free me but they will be your demise great traitor!!!
Deathwing: We will see about that……

And the heroes panter on about for epic loots until the come across a locked door to the side of the main passage, when nearby the can hear the moans and groans of Verrda in pain and the whispers of cultists torturing him. A rogue with skill in lockpicking can open it or someone can break the lock by wanding/smashing it but doing so will alert the mods in the hidden room agrroing them. (apparently cultists and dragons aren't very good locksmiths) After defeating the trash mobs Verrda will go into a short dialogue

Verrda: Thank the light you're here heroes, You must free me I have to get word of Deathwing's plans to the Life-Binder! Hurry break the chains to free me before more cultist realize what has happened here!

Once the chains are attacked they begin to channel dark energies into Verrda and phase 1 begins
The goal of this phase is to destroy the 14400000 hp chains binding Verrda before the magic channeled through them kills him in 3 minutes. Meanwhile cultists will invade the room in waves of 3 (1million hp each) once at initial aggro and again at each minute mark. Once the chains have been broken Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2:
Upon destroying the chains Verrda will get up and thank the heroes only to be interrupted by an ominous voice in the background
Deathwing: FOOL! Do you really think you can escape me that easily?! You will soon see who the real traitor is human!
An orb appears in the back of the room and begins to channel a mind control on Verrda (think the orb that teleports you into BWL here)
Before succumbing to the mind control Verrda will say a few words to the raid
Verrda: Heroes you must destroy that orb or none of us will be able to get out here! Here take these manifests! It it the most aid I can offer at this poi…ARGHHH (mind controlled now and aggroes)
All players in the raid will receive a manifest in their inventory at the beggining of phase 2 and will be destroyed upon after five minutes(it will go into the keyring though to avoid OMG no bagspace issues) The manifest will provide a buff as long as it is in the inventory

Operative’s Manifest: You have been given the manifest of SI:7 operatives. Your abilites costs are reduced by 100% and their effectiveness is increased by 100%.

The goal of phase to is to destroy the 100000000 hp mind-control orb while keep Verrda at bay and dealing with his abilities. The raid will have 5 minutes to do so before Verrda is enraged and promptly one shots everything he sees (except the orb of course)

Verrda has a few key abilities during the fight

He ignores all threat rules, he will simply attack the target that taunts him indefinitely.

Shadow Clones: Every minute Verrda will create two clones that have no abilties but deal 150% autoattack damage and each one has 10000000 hp, the clones must be tanked and killed as they will continue to spawn every minute adding two more to deal with (which will most likely lead to a wipe).

Killing Spree: Every 45 seconds Verrda will teleport behind 5 random people (unless they are tanking him or the clones) and strike them for 90% of their max hp and apply wound and 10 stacks of enraging poison on them.

Wound Poison:Every attack with Verrda’s mainhand weapon will apply a debuff that decreases healing done to the target by 25% for 10 seconds. Does not stack

Enraging Poison: Every attack with Verrda’s offhand weapon will apply a debuff that decreases armor by 1% and increases damage and healing done by 10% for 10 seconds (stacks 10 times)

Deadly Throw: Every 30 seconds Verrda will throw a dagger at a random target and apply a bleeding debuff that ticks for 1% of total health every 3 seconds until Phase 2 ends. Upon being targetted by this skill the player will receive a throwing knife in their inventory that can be thrown at an enemy target dealing 5% of max health as damage

Cold Blood: Once a minute Verrda will strike at his tank in cold blood dealing a crushing blow for 50% of max hp that is unavoidable.

Roundhouse Kick: Every ten seconds Verrda will perform a roundhouse kick, everyone within melee range of him will be stunned for 3 seconds. (This includes his own clones)

Once the orb has been destroyed Phase 3 will begin
Verrda free of his mind control will urge the heroes to make a hasty exit and run out of the room through a hidden passage. Once out there someone must speak to him to begin phase 3
Upon beginning phase 3 Verrda will go into a short dialogue
Verrda: Man you guys are really good at what you do (dragon roars in the background) that didn’t sound too good. We gotta hurry and get out of here thankfully I’m an engineer and keep a few vehicles around. Don’t ask how I manage to carry them it’s just a marvel of engineering.
At this point everyone is mounted onto a bike that automatically follows a preset trail to the entrance of the raid in 3 minutes.

The goal of phase 3 is simply survival…on bikes
The bikes have two abilites. On top of being able to use your own while mounted.
Oily Caltrops: Drops oily caltrops behind you reducing the speed of chasers by 50% and dealing 10% of total health as damage every second while they are in the affected area.
Jump: Jump to targeted bike

There will be two kinds of adds chasing you, cultists on the ground and cultists riding dragons. When they catch up to the bike gang they will randomly jump on a bike and begin attacking whoever is on it to try and destroy the bike (they will not jump on Verrda)
If they jump on your bike it your job to kill the 100000 hp cultist before it kills you, if you do not have a cultist attacking you may jump from bike to bike using Verrda’s incorporated launch mechanisms to assist others in defeating their cultists.

Once you reach the entrance all the bikes despawn and Verrda promptly kills any remaining enemy mobs with killing spree and the encounter is over

Verrda then thanks the raid for rescuing him and throws down a chest in his gratitude stating it is the least he can offer for helping him and promptly exits the instance yelling that he has to warn the other dragons.

The chest will contain 2 from the following list (along with whatever badges/emblems blizzard implements for said raid)(also all this loot is balanced with level 80 in mind)

Muramasa One-Hand Sword
456-1057 250 DPS 2.9 Speed
Chance on hit: All your attacks will strike with all weapons equipped for 5 seconds. (this includes the ranged slot OMG!!!)

Cloak of the Operative
125 Intellect
92 Spirit
Increases Spell Power by 105

Dragon’s Tear Amulet
52 Stamina
Increases Defense by 62
Increases Dodge by 45
Increases Parry by 34

Superflux Cloaking Wristwatch
Increases Haste by 210
Chance on Hit: You become cloaked from vision and none of your attacks can be seen coming. For 20 seconds you cannot be parried, dodged, or blocked and none of your attacks will miss. 45 sec Internal Cooldown

SI:7 Portal Band (the horde will receieve the Operative Portal Band)
Increases Crit Rating by 67
Increases Damage and Healing done by 1%
Use:Teleports the Caster to the Throne Room in Stormwind (or The Warchief Throne in Orgrimmar) 15 min cooldown

There will only be one achievement for this encounter

Road Rage
Finish the Escape of the SI:7 Operative encounter without allowing a cultist to be on your bike for more than 10 seconds
Reward: Master Engineer’s Motorbike (an epic land mount that looks the same as the bike form the encounter)


4 responses

  1. LOVE IT!!

    Though I have to repeat what our main tank said after reading mine “you are WAY to over powered”.

    My response was “yeah but that is what people ALWAYS say about rogues!”

    The achievement title is my favorite. Nice work!

    March 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm

  2. well considering healers can OMG SPAM liek crazy all they want doing double healing i actually think I was a bit tame with Verrda’s outgoing damage and the health of things needed to be killed

    March 3, 2010 at 1:22 am

  3. This is a fantastic idea and I just may have to steal it. šŸ™‚

    March 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

  4. Shadowhisper

    OMG EPIC!!!!

    March 11, 2010 at 8:04 pm

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