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Analyzing Videos

Due to the fact no one else does it I’ve taken it upon myself to record ALL of BoO’s attempts bosses (when i can remember to hit record).

I used to do it for the sole purpose of analyzing my own performance, and to an extent I still do. Like say in the Rotface kill (from my last post) I run toward the kiting tank during an ooze explosion, not one of my usual mistakes mostly out of sheer luck, i usually pick a direction and stick to it. Now I know i have to KNOW what direction to go before sticking to it.

Now from anally scrutinizing festergut attempts I see two common things.

I need to pop my cooldowns faster, a 10 second gap after they come back makes me feel like I could be doing better, and so I shall.
Tunnel Vision: I need to stop looking at fights in one direction, I know I have the ability to analyze my surroundings while dpsing, I mean FUCK i’m usually staring at boss ass anyways….as hot as that may be (wait wut? 0.o)

Now I get to scrutinize everyone else!!!!
In vent,
You honestly thought I would make an entire Post about my guild’s performance?

No, I have better things to do like making fun of myself for being scrub rogue


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