Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

PvP: Evee Style

So recently I’ve gotten into a bit of a PvP kick (blame to awesome looking wrathful helmet)
Considering my past with PvP, as in….not since BC. I have a little adjusting to do.

Evee List of PvP Adjustments
1. Since when does everything pop me out of stealth?
2. 0.0 Vanish is worse? (i know common thing to Q.Q about BUT I DO SO WITH _(&!@#$ REASON)
3. Disarm Is My friend (LOLSLAPSTORMLOL)
4. Disarm is also my enemy (FUCK I CAN’T ATTACK)
5. When you stun a healer they come out with MORE health than before
6. Gouge is useless with other DPS around
7. The above also applies to Sap
8. Sap in arenas usually gets me killed
9. All DPS classes can kill me in .2 milliseconds
10. The above is invalid if all my cooldowns are used
11. Healers Don’t Die when I attack them
12. Tanks Should not be allowed in Arena
14. Healers Die when I completely ignore them (true story)
15. Battlegrounds are still horrible suck fests
16. Arena Gear is overpowered
17. MY arena gear is underpowered
18. Starting to PvP in the last season of an expansion means you have absolutely no hope of getting that awesome PvP set that has a better looking helm that the raid set.
19. I cannot carry 2 people in a 3’s team like I could back in BC
20. Preparation is necessary
21. The above also applies to deadly brew
22. The above of the above also applies to metricshit fucktons of resilience
23. My mind is going blank
24. I miss the Way PvP used to be
25. I’m looking forward to how it will be in Cataclysm

Most of all I have learned PvP is SERIOUSLY COMPLIMICATED
just like rock paper scissors
which reminds me….

I love sliced up fried hibachi mushrooms…….so tasty


2 responses

  1. shadowtycho

    another way to look at it is there are poepel(alot of poeple) who put as much time into pvp as you did into pve. they ground up to 80 not to raid but to beat on each other, cause that’s what they love. and the hundreds of hours that you were learning how to be a good rogue in a raid, they were out learning how to be good at pvp.

    i think this is the problem alot of raiders have with pvp, they think that the same skill set should let them be awesome in bg’s or win arena’s and it dosent, so pvp sucks and is unbalanced and everyone else is overpowered while i need a buff to keep up.

    April 21, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    • i completely understand that, and this is in NO way supposed to be a Q.Q post (quite frankly I don’t how you got the idea of it?)

      This was more or less a shot at myself for being so stupid đŸ˜›

      I do it for the laughs, nothing more nothing less

      April 21, 2010 at 8:28 pm

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