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My thoughts on the talent trees….so far that I can see

So the beta build including the massive revamp to the talent trees has been released

All I can say is…’s looking ALOT better for combat

the other two trees….not so much…

For example

Sample combat build: 7/31/3

and if combat and the upper tiers of the other trees don’t change this would be my guess at the raiding combat spec.

Overall it looks very nice, the only thing we can’t get is ruthlessness and quickening along with relentless strikes. oh and restless blades? fuck yeah

Personally I think combat is the most polished of the three trees. but only SLIGHTLY ahead of assassination and here’s why 33/3/5

Now some might argue “YOU DIDN’T GET MURDEROUS INTENT?!” here’s why…. I don’t think that in a PvE setting murderous intent will be so much of a dps increase to validate putting 3 points into it, and….having the last two point to choose between all the other quirky talents is fun. Regular run speed stealth? always fun. Fight where you might be taking damage? (especially with blizzard mindset of TO MAKE IT HARDER IT JUST NEEDS MOAR AoE!!!!) Improved Recuperate. Maybe you use sap alot…take blackjack. No armor debuff running around with you? Take improved expose armor. Sick of stuff running away from you? how about some deadly brew?

Still….the bottom of assassination is definitely bloated (lol bottom of ass is bloated…hehe..puns) and I REALLY hope the numbers for Venomous Wounds are just placeholders…

In all honesty though….I will probably be leveling with this spec come cata (actually raiding mutilate at 85 not likely though, and hmmm /plays with comabt a bit for leveling spec now)

And now for the tree that feels like blizzard’s ugly step child

Subtlety still feels broken to me….but playing with it i came across this…

Which totally looks wrong anyways…..

but yeah…I like the direction blizzard is going….but they haven’t quite reached the destination

Time will tell.

On a completely random note….


My alt is pleased


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