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No I’m Not Dead

So i haven’t posted anything in a while,

you can blame classes starting again soon and me not having access to beta for that.

On the upside though, I finally got my new headset (incoming product placement)

I was kinda sketchy about the 7.1 sound on a headset especially one that creates the surround sound virtually (the actual headset has 40 mm drivers, more on why that’s awesome later)

Then a hunter behind me in stormwind shot a rat and I actually ducked and looked behind me IRL before realizing it was actually game sound @.@

Obviously the 7.1 sound is good, I can’t emphasize this enough. The best part though…it has REALLY rich sound for a headset, I blame to 40 mm drivers.

In fact, yesterday in ICC we were pulling in the plague wing when I heard that all to familiar sound of human worker “Ready to work”

I ask in vent WTF is a human worker doing in ICC, and get the reply the say that when the tents are set up back at saurfang.

I had never heard them until now @.@

So enough about my amazing headset.

WoW has turned into a waiting game for me right now, just passing the time until Cata comes out.

Don’t really have much to say about it to be honest. I still play mainly to pass the time and hang out with friends but the game itself isn’t what really hold my attention at this point


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