Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

Evee talked to me Today

So I had a wonderful conversationg with Eviscerate last night (you know dreams and such) thought I should share it

Evee: So I keep hearing about this end of the world thing going on, you know anything about it?
Me: Errr It’s not really the end of the world, just alot of bad stuff will happen probably by the end of the year
Evee: So basically, You and I won’t be bored when this happens?
Me: Most likely, either that or you’ll find yourself in another world
Evee: Wait….what?
Me: If the…cataclysmic events don’t entertain us both, let’s just say I have plans to modify that dimensional ripper of yours to go a little further than outland
Evee: Really?! WHERE?! I wanna know tell me or I’ll start living up to my name!
Me: Oh it’s a world called tyria….you won’t be able to research that by the way so don’t try
Evee: We’ll see about that….I happen to have connections you know
Me: Yes I know….I helped you achieve most of them or do you not remember?
Evee: oh yeah….
Me: Don’t worry, one way or another, we won’t be bored for…well, hopefully to much longer


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