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No not the way some men dress…

Why is it that there is always that period after the last raid but before the new expansion that everything simply dies in activity?

It’s really disheartening for those who have not experienced an expansion before

I find myself telling all my guildees who are “wrath-babies” that all the inactivity is just a pre-expansion lull expecting them to just know what that means.

World of Warcraft is the only MMO I have ever played with the lull between expansions so honestly the concept as to WHY it happens is kinda lost on me, I don’t do anything mainly because I play the game to play with friends and since they have lost so much interest I find myself playing other games (see Global Agenda, League of Legends, and Guild Wars) instead.

So I ask you all, if you are one of the people that finds themselves caught in a pre-xpac lull, why is it so?


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