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Intuitive Guide to Rogue Common Sen…er ICC Hard Modes

So the 10’s I run with on evee is now 8/12 Hard Modes, I promised myself once I got to this point I would make a post so here we go.

This guide is in no way meant to be taken seriously, or to be used by raid leaders….unless they are rogues and even then only for personal benefit.

In boss order

Marrowgar: Stay out of bad, as combat, cheat the bone spikes, cheat them alot. Blade flurry is your friend, killing spree bonespikes during bonestorm. Mutilate…’ll probably loathe this fight.  Evasion works wonders on bonestorm. If there’s a spike in fire, cloak take it out then dance until cloak wears off! 😀

LDW: Blow your cooldowns as soon as they come up, no seriously. As combat if you get mind controlled with killing spree up, most likely a healer WILL DIE, if not two or three people. My record is killing ALL the clothies with blade flurry and killing spree. As far as adds go, kill the casters first, NEVER get in front of the melee mobs, or beside them for that matter just to be safe @.@. Once the mana bubble pops, tricks the tank all the time. If you somehow bug tricks to constantly stay on the tank go for it. (I would like to take this opportunity to say that Evee does not endorse exploiting and hacking in any way shape or form)

Gunship:…….smack things, dance, smack some more, press macros into raid chat of modified I’m on a boat lyrics while the song plays on vent. Dance some more

Saurfang: do lots of damage, when you think you’re doing enough damage, do some more. Don’t stop pressing your attacks, even after he dies.

Festergut: Do lots of damage, If you see a green puddle on the ground, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT. If you see people with spores, hug them like a long lost lover that is about to give you the best sex of your life.

Rotface: As funny as this sounds, stay behind the boss. There’s actually a small area behind the feet that the unstable ooze explosion never seems to land on, I might just be lucky it could be some weird glitch. I just know that if i stand there when it’s cast, I don’t get hit. Cloaking off the ooze spawning debuff is pretty win (it still spawns an ooze mind you) but it saves strain from the person dispelling.

Blood Queen: I’m totally a DPS whore SO, pop killing spree at the beggining of the fight. 9/10 times you’ll get bitten at this point go fucking crazy. When bite time finally comes around wait until like 4 seconds are left to bite before actually biting. Cloaking Swarming shadows is all well and good, but personally I tend to save it for Blood bolt whirl to help the healers out, unless i get swarming shadows when I popped cooldowns…then they can heal blood bolts.

Dreamwalker: I HATE THIS FIGHT….HHAAAAAAAAAAAAATE. If i didn’t have rocketboots I would refuse to do it. Anyways….Top priority for this fight, interrupt the archmages; oh and kill blazings, but half the time they spawn on the other side of the room and I don’t have enough time to get to where they stopped before they die…SO why bother @.@

I’ll throw out guides for the sparkle boyband, the chain smoking dragon, the crackhead maniac, and king blue balls once I actually get to them.


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