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New Direction

The guild I joined such a long time ago has been through alot, mergers split ups and such.

Recently though we have all come together and decided it was time to evolve. We know that WoW is not the only game we want to play together so we took the steps necessary to promote that idea.

Brotherhood of Oblivion is no longer just a WoW guild, it is now a full fledged gaming clan. WoW just being one of the games we play.

(you can totally check out our new website at :D)

Now, with this new direction I think it’s time my blog follows suit, I will no longer be posting exclusively about WoW, now i’ll be posting about all the games I play and games I’m lookign forward too.

To start things off here’s a quick video of the upcoming MMO from ArenaNet Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Video Game, PAX 10: Humans Tutorial Walkthrough (Cam) HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

Back yet?

Now the game is pretty, but what really interests me is the gameplay (and i really mean that..honest the bouncing boob graphics have NOTHING to do with it)


Sorry that image just mildly amuses me (mostly the fact that soemone actually photoshopped the video to make that gif), and i want bouncing boobies to be listed as a tag for my blog for the lulz

ANYWAYS, as the video above stated the combat is much more dynamic (NO AUTOATTACK) which was always one of my qualms with WoW. It doesn’t feel very…alive? (yeah i’ll go with that) To add to the dynamic feelign of combat there’s synergy between classes and their abilites e.g. An elementalist can put down a firewall, warrior buddy then uses cyclone axe near wall. Effect? Balls of fire going everywhere, same firewall has arrows go through it from ranger buddy? Arrows are now on fire. Necromancer send his minions through firewall before blowing them up in peoples faces? Yup you guessed it minions are set on fire and do more damage when they blow up. (you’ll see more examples of this in the video below) This element of synergy adds a new layer of strategy not previously existing in any MMO (that I know of).

i’ll just throw in another video and let the developers show off guild wars 2 the only way they know how. with style!

I’ll no doubt be speaking more about this upcoming wonder in the future mostly because I believe this game will be the one to pull me from WoW, and there’s alot of stuff I didn’t touch on that is pretty public


2 responses

  1. Tigerfeet

    Y,anno? For her size she bounces surprisingly little. I want her brah, just because of the fantastic amount of support it appears to give!


    September 23, 2010 at 10:07 am

    • the bra is magical and provides extra support, i’m thinking it might be padded a bit too

      September 23, 2010 at 11:36 am

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