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Guild Wars Mobile Armory Chat and WoW Extended Experience

Wait I mean…
Guild Wars extended experience and WoW Mobile Armouy Chat @.@

Ok so Arenanet “formally” announced their App for Ipod, Ipad, Android, and web-browsers (for now) over at Guild Wars Blog, this however has been talked about for quite some time so it’s not really a surprise to Arenanet stalkers. This will allows players to track and talk to buddies in game while not actually being in game themselves. As well as using the auction house and other wondrous features like looking at buddies on an actual game map. Granted their dots but this is a whole new level of, “I THOUGHT YOU WERE FARMING ECTOS?! WHY ARE YOU IN DIVINITY’S REACH?!” UPDATE: Found a interview video about the app with Eric Flannum Guild Wars App Interview, special thanks to Hunter for helping me find the link (by having it up on one of his posts :P).

A little while later Blizzard announced they’ll be adding Guild Chat to their *Premium* Mobile Armory, premium of course costing 2.99 a month. Blizzard talk linky thingy here Blizzard Blue Tracker . Currently Mobile Armory allows you to see other players gear and access the auction house.

Now, I have no doubt Blizzard has been working on this for a while and so has Arenanet, I am not starting a who copied who argument here.

The timing is just to perfect for me not to smile though.

Arenanet announces their big out of game chat and blizzard follows suit.

To me this shows that
1.Blizzard does in fact pay attention to what’s going on (which is good)
2.More importantly, they are recognizing an upcoming MMO as a threat. Something I personally have not seen till now

I am absolutely giddy right now. Time to run around the yard with my great dane. (Who is NOT named scooby despite everyone else’s input >.< and I like Jecht thank you)


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