Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

Stance on Cataclysm (so far)

Ok so first off. There are few things in this world that will keep me from playing cata. Those are in list of importance (somewhat)

1. Everyone I know quits WoW
2. Blizzard in an attempt to make things less “faceroll”, makes instance impossible to be done with the LFD tool becuase they underestimated human stupidity
3. Blizzard in an attempt to make healing less “faceroll” causes the majority of healers to go on strike because healing is NOT ENJOYABLE (IE nothing to do with difficulty)
4. Blizzard in an attempt to make rogue less “faceroll” lowers rogue passive damage but atrocious numbers without increasing active damage to compensate because of the MASSIVE PvP IMPLICATIONS
5. Guild Wars 2 get a release within 2 months on Cataclysm, mainly because I will be focusing my attention on Tyria to much to even dwadle about Azeroth

those are the ones that alone will get me to not play cata, the rest of the list is my other concerns that won’t necessarily make me quit the game by themselves but if the begin to pile up….welllllll

6.The emphasis on CC being SO HIGH all five mans will have to be a tank healer, mage, warlock and rogue (shattered halls back in bc @.@)
7. Combat not being Raid viable (i actually like the playstyle for mut now with rupture back in)
8. Having to wait more than say……3-5 months to racechange my rogue to worgen. CUZ I AM NOT LEVELING ANOTHER ROGUE DAMNIT
9. Racials not being revamped to match worgen and goblin. FOR EVERYONE
10. Death Knights being useless (considering this is my only exsisting max-level alt)
11. Several (not all) of my WoW friends quiting (chances increasing per each one that wuits until the last one quits then I do as well)
12. A sparkle pony fiasco with Gear or ingame items that affect gameplay
12. Premium services becoming gameplay changing (eg, premium subscribers can now use mobile armory to move characters between towns)
13. A gold sink that is necessary to progress through the game

That is the somewhat incomplete list of reasons that I will quit WoW.

Now as far as my actual stance on where the game is and is headed (by what has been said and released)

I don’t like the direction healing is headed, and my main isn’t even a healer. I can understand Blizzard making healing less “faceroll” in fact I agree with it. They are just going about it the wrong way, making healing frustrating and putting thought back into healing are NOT the same thing. There are WAY to many people complaining about healing for it to be anything but a bad sign. I tend to not go with the general public on most of the issues involving game balance, but when the game is being balanced in a way that makes a critical role frustrating and more importantly unenjoyable you bet your ass I’m following the conformist train.

I know numbers are a fine dance of tuning and such, but taking my rogue from Live to the PTR should not be cutting his DPS by such a large margin to be anywhere near 20% let alone 50 and above.
On live my sinister strike crits for roughly 11k on a good day, on the PTR the highest I have seen is 3.5k ArP alone is not account for this much of a loss. Oh and eviscerate? 20k? try more 4k.
The fact that the damage is so fucked up isn’t really what bothers me, it’s the fact that there is no apparent attempt to even TRY to fix it
The ambidextrous buff from 50% to 75% is nice, but that only affects combat and it’s something many have been expecting before the wacky numbers popped out. I’m not even goign to mention the thrown weapon buff and FoK buff, mainly because I could care less about AoE damage right now as many other do because of the “new direction” in cata (which to reiterate I have no problem with less emphasis on AoE, in fact i LIKE the idea ALOT, spamming one button for all trash is fucking boring)
Blizzard has countless people to work PR on forums and such, if they are working on a fix on anything in game, it should be made public.
Add all this to the fact that everything at 85 is the same or worse (except for recuperate!) I am not amused, and honestly…don’t we all play video games ultimately for amusement?


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