Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

I swear I’m alive!

I’ve just been busy trying to get more stuff for my Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars


In WoW news, I am still currently unsubscribed, and honestly; I might not be coming back.

I really don’t like the direction Blizzard seems to be going, and the fact that they’ve broken the existing game (from what I’ve heard and playing on a buddies account while over at his place) isn’t helping.

I love the idea of bringing back CC to dungeons so they’re not mindless AoE-fests, but I fear a return of Heroic Shattered Halls with kara gear.

I want to believe that the new talent systems will allow for more flexibility, but there still alot of specs that are out of balance or just plain WACKY (I’M LOOKING AT YOU COMBAT)

I would love to see Azeroth actually evolve, but right now it seems like it’s all fluff and OMG pretties with no actual sustenance.

I was hoping for there to finally be raid tier sets that looked awesome for all classes, and while it’s not ToC again. I’m disappointed to see Tier 2 has yet to be outdone.

I just don’t see incentive to buy cataclysm at this point.

Perhaps it’s the fact that my main class hasn’t really seen a pivotal change since BC (arguably earlier and i’m not saying it hasn’t seen changes at all, just nothing near “big”), and my only other 80 is a death knight. which I honestly know nothing about their changes in cata;but in my defense, I don’t really like playing it. I only made it so the guild could have an extra tank.

Perhaps its seeing everything Guild Wars 2 will and might be, and my expectations have seen a recent rising.

Maybe; just maybe deep down I just feel like Blizzard has lost touch from it playerbase (something I used to praise them for).

I dunno

What I do know is that I want more games to play, I can only play Guild Wars so much before I start craving something different.

Yet, I don’t really know of anything else decent to play out there that I haven’t either beaten (single player of course), played and not enjoyed (Warhammer, CoH, Champions,League of Legends various other F2P MMO’s) or is a game-type that I’ve never really enjoyed (FPS, RTS, Sports)

This is the leading factor to my lack of posting, I’m really not playing much. You guys don’t want me to rant on about stuff with my life now do you? 😛

Next Post: How to feel up boobies by being a gay guy.

Ok not really….but really…..just imagine that (insert awesome funny face here that cannot be expressed through emoticon)


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