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Fable 3

So here’s my random thoughts on Fable 3

1. The game is very well presented
2.It is also sort of short, my first time through I beat it in roughly 10 hours (without any form of strategy guide mind you)

The amount of money you need to save albion is ATROCIOUS, I wish I had known beforehand I would need so much because I didn’t have it come time to be king.

4.Playing online is loads of fun, and I don’t even have a headset
5.Spellweaving Blades and Shock is OP, Same goes for Ice Storm and Shock and, actually you know what…Spellweaving is OP
6.Rifles are OP
7.Melee combat is frustrating but can be fun sometimes.
8. While playing online joining random peoples games I noticed no one was past the halfway point yet, as such my King was two shotting bosses. Some praised me, other kicked me @.@
9. Having just made and xbox account to download DLC for this game I has no Xbox friends….now i kinda wish I did

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get my evil bi..I mean…Morally Challenged Heroine to be a tyr…Queen. (Red glowing weapons are awesome)

On the note of weapons, all 3 of my characters have VERY different weapons, my first character has a very exotic katana, my evil girl has what is starting to look like a buster sword, and my third guy which is benevolent but I’m tryign to avoid using magic has a very VERY ornate bastard sword.

I want to figure out how to get an exotic look with a bastard sword for my evil character but I ahve no idea how I managed it, and among the 100+ weapons I’ve seen online I have yet to see another exotic. It’s almost frustrating.


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