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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

So I got Brotherhood on release day for the PS3

Just beat the main storyline now and just have to say

It can get a little difficult at times compared to the other games, but not in a bad way.
The story is still VERY compelling (don’t worry i won’t spoil anything)
Except for maybe that the ending is not in my favor, just sayin

Multiplayer is incredibly fun especially when you really get into the sneaky zone and get a kill worth 1000 points in one go by being incognito and jumping on someone from the roof while they are chasing someone else and getting first blood. Yes that’s alot of bonuses and i love it.

Now as for the secondary memory stuff (aka side-quests)
I’m having trouble even reaching most of them right now, and the ones i do get to are ridiculously frustrating. Not hard, just one stupid mistake like the camera pointing the wrong direction during a jump can cause you to have to start over.


Still, the game is very enjoyable and I suggest it to everyone just for the multiplayer and story alone.


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