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The Shattering and Me

So I resubbed for WoW first thing that happens when I log on.

Traveling from Ironforge to Stormwind I get turned into a @$@#$ Turkey, I hate you Turkey Lurkey achievement. Oh how I hate you so much, and Blizzard not letting me right click off buffs if I use a buff mod….salt in my stuffing…I mean wound >.<

Well anyways, the graphics improvements are rather nice. I can't seem to stay away from Darnassuss too long cuz it's gorgeous to me. The starting experience for humans is better, and so far playing a human hunter has been amusing.

I LOVE the new combat, my dps hasn't really gone down; in fact if I time stuff right with bandit's guile it's gone up!. So kudos to blizzard for fixing the issues that used to exist in a timely manner. The sound for Main Gauche is nice, but I have a feeling as it's proc chance goes up it will become annoying eventually.

Oh and the LUA and XML improvement for modding are WONDERFUL sooo alas. new ui

Now, the kicker for me is the moving textures and the ease to hide things. And so this happens.

So enjoy these screenshots starring Esparada, he probably won’t be seen much after Cata launch (poor level 77 priest) You will however probably see different colors of this UI as I play with it on other toons (particularly Evee)

You can find the base components to the UI i am currently using here at WoW Interface granted I’ve added a few thigns and modified a crap ton of stuff but the base is REALLY easy to work with.


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