Spamming Eviscerate since 2004

Vacation OVER

I am finally back from vacation!

As such


and oh my how much i have missed

I haven’t said anything since cataclysm came out
nothing on my new addiction
not much in guild wars 2 news (sadface)

and oh my more world of warcraft


Cata is in one word, beautiful. I love the new zones, ESCPECIALLY Vashjir, although I think i’ll be hanging out in uldum and tol barad mostly at 85.
Eviscerate is now worgen and will be the only toon I have ever race-changed (until another expac maybe)
Evee is also raid ready, unfortunately the people I run with are not.
Esparada (priest) is slowly creeping up to 85
Dishonorable (DK) is even more slowly crawling to 85
Woofs (worgen druid ofc) is vastly fun to play but he won’t be seeing much play until Evee and Esparada are steadily raiding
I don’t like the way tol barad currently works, then again who does?
Waiting for dungeon queues without a tank still sucks, ALTHOUGH; It’s not the hour+ i had to deal with when i first 85.
Pugging as a healer is downright painful, thankfully, this is not 100% true.

In way of my previous aforementioned addiction.
I got it for christmas on PS3, not an expected gift.
Definitely the most used, I spent most of my spare time on vacation playing
I play between dungeons
I play when i have any kind of spare time
How good am I?
I can ace everything……on medium.
coming from Dragonforce on expert to this game is DAUNTING
I can’t quite get the overall OMG SO MANY THINGS on hard mode, especially with crossfades spikes and scratching having predetermined directions and stalls
Oh and most of the music is awesome
that might be part of the reason i like it…
totally has NOTHING to do with yelling
everytime i scratch the fake record
not at all…..


One response

  1. Welcome back man! You were missed on vent.

    January 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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