Spamming Eviscerate since 2004


So after a stint with horrible horrible hackers
I finally got my email back! which means I could reset the password of my wordpress account!

So just to catch up a bit,
IN WoW: Eviscerate is currently 11/12 only nef left to go!
Esparada (priest) is officially sitting on the side nothing left from heroics and I refuse to PuG raids
Dishonorable (DK) is not quite up to par to tank heroics
Woofs (druid) is just now in outland! YAY

Guild Wars: I’m current at 15 points in my Hall of Monuments and will get the last 3 I want from beating nightfall (yes i still haven’t done it)
I’ll probably end up getting more points than that through more armor sets and such but 18 is all I really want

As for other games, I beat Dragon Age 2 the day after it came out and have gone through twice more since then.
Overall it was a good game, not the same as the first
That’s not a bad thing though.

Oh yeah and upcoming stuff:
Mainly just hyped on Guild Wars 2 and Deus Ex in August
Thief was (FINALLY) released and weee my main for Guild Wars 2 is probably gonna be one
Now if you don’t mind me i’m gonna sneak my way back into the blog heirarchy

Oh and if you got spam comments and such while I was away
I’m very sorry 😦


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