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When your raid is frozen

So I run with a few friends from multiple guilds (OMG NO GUILD CREDIT THEN WHY RAID? yeah whatever)


Due to IRL issues and burnout and other w/e’s we’ve been unable to progress past Nefarian simply due to lack of raiding time.

This somewhat infuriates me, as understanding as I may be.

It’s one thing if you kid get punched at school
It’s another because you didn’t feel like waking up when you said you would

Then to top it off the people who do show up are getting fed up and asking if they can bring alts and whatnot if we’re not going to be progressing, and while I don’t blame them, some people still need stuff on their mains from bosses other than Nefarian TYVM.

and here I am ranting…..

so here’s a calming (somewhat) screenshot that is probably REALLY old


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