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Black Prophecy

So I was lucky enough to get a Beta key for Black Prophecy

Let me tell you
It’s one fun game at least

Flying around in space, shooting tings with lasers (I kept yelling PEW PEW LASERS GO on vent to the anguish of my friends)

It’s pretty
It’s new
I’ve never played a flight game before, let alone one in space
Oh and either everyone I fight in PvP really sucks, or I am amazing (i’ll keep thinking the latter for my own ego to swell)

I went Tyi, mostly because it’s a PvP game and Tyi is going to be the horde. I just want to be on the side with numbers for ONCE
Oh, and they look cooler
But I don’t base my decisions solely on looks…..never…….

If nothing else this will be a nice way to pass the time with buddies when not raiding on WoW or working on my HoM in Guild Wars.
Definitely a different experience at least

One response

  1. “But I don’t base my decisions solely on looks…..never…….”

    Although many won’t get the hint, I did and I’m LMFAO!!! :)

    March 29, 2011 at 5:59 pm

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